Red Antelope Community Fund

Investing $100,000 Annually in the LeChee Community for social, environmental, economic, and more!

Avantus Partners with Navajo United Way for Red Antelope Community Fund

Avantus, in partnership with Navajo United Way, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, created the Red Antelope Community Fund. Avantus is committed to contributing $100,000 annually to the fund for Navajo social, environmental, and economic projects. The fund is intended to create long-term sustainable value for the local communities by responding to funding requests to support local initiatives.

Purpose of the Community Fund

To create sustainable value for the community with a focus on social, environmental, economic, and other benefits and opportunities important to the community.

Focus Areas Eligible for Funding

Take the Survey!

Help Avantus and Navajo United Way understand what is important to you. This survey is intended to allow community members to provide feedback and guidance on the types of projects and initiatives they want to be funded.   

Application Due Dates & Funding Schedule

Funding applications for the first quarter of funding cycle 2023 will be accepted starting December 16, 2022, through January 31, 2023. Applications will be reviewed in the month of February 2023, and funding will be awarded in March 2023. 

The agreed administrative costs for Navajo United Way are 13%, and therefore the total amount available to fund directly to the community will be $87,000 annually or $21,750 quarterly.

Applications will be due by the end of the first month of each quarter: 

In the future, funding may be available on an annual basis to allow for larger funding requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you doing this fund?

A: In addition to the jobs, scholarships, internships, and revenue directly to the community resulting from the solar and energy storage project, community members suggested additional local benefits. It was determined that creating a Community Benefit Fund in partnership with Navajo United Way would be the best response to this suggestion.

Q: Why are these funds only for the LeChee Community?

A: The purpose of this fund is to support the host community in which the project is sited. There may be exceptions where a funding request may impact beyond the LeChee community as long as it benefits the residents of LeChee, such as a request from a neighboring school district or an associated organization outside the community.

Q: How do we know the funds will be spent on the local community?

A: We are creating a volunteer group of community members who will decide which requests get funded with the oversight of Avantus and Navajo United Way.

Q: Are the funds controlled and administered by the chapter government?

A: No. The community volunteer group will consider the Fund's 5-year plan and ongoing community feedback to evaluate funding applications. The Navajo United Way will administer the funds. 

Q: How do I submit a funding request?

A: The link to the application is available on this webpage and should be emailed directly to the listed email address.  Funding applications will also be made available at the LeChee Chapter and will still need to be emailed for review or mailed to the address provided on the application.

Q: What are the guidelines for activities not eligible for funding?

A: Below is a list of activities NOT eligible for funding:

We also reserve the right to refuse funding requests that do not align with the overall objectives of the fund.

Q: How often are the grants reviewed, and how much will be available?

A: Funding occurs quarterly for $21,750. This amount could change based on requests funded to the LeChee community for that quarter. The funds will carry over into the next quarter, and we will communicate the available funding at the end of each quarter. Applications will be reviewed once per quarter.

Lechee Chapter Meeting Report

December 12, 2022

Avantus announced the Red Antelope Community Fund during the LeChee regular chapter meeting. Avantus gives regular chapter meeting reports and updates about the proposed Red Antelope Solar & Energy Storage project. The presentation slides from Avantus' December report is available here:

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